The material base of WIDOPUR-LF 2K is a polyurethane resin.

Depending on the average loading a polyester fleece G 165 or G 225 is encapsulated as a reinforcement. The reinforcement determines the tear resistance and the tensile elongation and ensures a uniform layer thickness. The seam covering of the reinforcement must be at least 5 cm. The covering of foreign materials must be determined separately, but should not be less than 10 cm. This creates a homogeneous and crack-bridging seal.

The compatibility and the adhesive bond with the various sealing materials such as films and bituminous surfaces is given. This also applies to all connecting materials made of metal, wood, stone, concrete, ceramic floor coverings etc., with corresponding surface preparation.

WIDOPUR-LF 2K is UV-stable and therefore resistant to ageing. In addition, WIDOPUR-LF 2K is resistant to burning brands and radiant heat according to DIN 4102, part 7.

Further details, especially regarding hazard statements, security advices and measures in the event of fire can be found in the safety data sheet under sections 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Please also refer to our instructions on priming and to our technical information sheets!

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