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The implementation method of waterproofing with coating is also possible on firm undergrounds, such as concrete, screed or existing tile surfaces. WIDOCRYL-PM is recommended for this application.

WIDOCRYL-PM is used for waterproofing on balconies and terraces including all connections. The material basis of WIDOCRYL-PM is urethanmodified methylmethacrylatresin (PMMA).

Special advice: dry and, under heavy frost, very cold building components can be sealed long lasting at up to -5°C. Since the complete structure of the waterproofing system is performed upwards with one single pigmented, highly elastic resin system, there are short curing times  during the application.

The waterproofing and simultaneously the decorative surface coating (wearing surface) is produced with WIDOCRYL-PM.

Various granite granulates or chips can be scattered for design purposes.