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WIDOPUR-LF 2K - Solvent & Odour Free

WIDOPUR-LF 2K is a Solvent & Odour free, 2 component PU waterproofing resin. Suitable for projects where solvents and strong odours are unacceptable, such as schools, hospitals, food processing plants and where works are in the vicinity of ventilation systems. WIDOPUR-LF 2K is simple to mix and is cold applied using a brush or roller. WIDOPUR-LF 2K will adhere to a number of surfaces without the need of a prime coat, and the encapsulation of a polyester fleece creates a fully bonded, highly flexible and durable waterproof membrane once cured.

The key benefits of waterproofing with WIDOPUR-LF 2K are;

  • Solvent & Odour Free
  •  No primer required for certain surfaces
  •  Easy application
  •  Fully bonded, monolithic system
  •  Highly flexible
  •  Fully reinforced system
  •  Rainproof after approx. 30 mins
  •  Environmentally friendly
  •  Cold applied - No heat required