Ship Shape & Water Tight – well secured with WIDOPAN

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


This is also true of structural waterproofing.  For what good is it if 99.9% of the roof is watertight, but rain gets into the building at one point? And usually the most expensive machine or most valuable piece of furniture is directly below this point! Only reliable waterproofing ensures long-term waterproofing success. Connections to penetrations, fixtures and rising structural components represent the biggest failure points on flat roofs and constitute the weak areas of the waterproofing. Traditional materials, such as bitumen sheeting or plastic roof sealing sheets frequently reach their limits here, leading to water ingress.

Widopan Liquid waterproofing, represents an alternative to other waterproofing materials, and is therefore a better solution.  It is often very difficult to produce light domes and PVC layers as well as on window and door profiles with welded bitumen sheeting, due to the frequently insufficient connection heights.  In addition, there is a risk that the plastic component becomes burnt and disfigured or even rendered useless by the burner. With WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing you find the right adhesive to almost all surfaces, materials and fixtures.  Materials utilized in the various fixtures that may have been secured to the existing waterproofing system. Tests have proven that WIDOPAN products can be used to join existing common materials such as Bitumen, plastic and rubber sheeting for both new construction and renovation.  Where new construction is to join the existing building.