Liquid waterproofing systems

Cold applied liquid waterproofing systems are one of the fastest growing sectors in the roofing industry, with products at the forefront of waterproofing technology. Whether for new construction or refurbishment projects, there are systems solutions that can be used for roofs, balconies & terraces, car parks, podiums and many other areas of structural waterproofing. In particular, Widopan waterproofing systems using unsaturated polyester resins, polyurethanes and methyl methacrylates with fleece, fabric or fibre reinforcements stand out from the majority of liquid systems offered.

Some of the benefits of using Widopan liquid waterproofing systems include;

  • Ease of application - 'Wet-on-Wet' system is applied using a brush or roller
  • Cold applied - Does not involve hot works
  • Fully bonded, monolithic system
  • Excellent adhesion to almost all substrates
  • Application possible at deck temperatures as low as -5c
  • Self terminating - No need for mechanical fixings
  • Vapour Permeable
  • Strong & flexible, reinforced systems
  • UV stable
  • Fast curing times
  • Options for solvent & odour free systems

From the start, Widopan have sought to exchange experience with building experts from planning, construction management and application in order to meet the requirements and requests of the building industry with its products. the results can be seen in the mulitude of application areas possible.

Easy handling of the products, the possibility of performing work at deck temperatures as low as -5c and the multitude of deployment options, coupled with outstanding product quality and sophisticated application technology, are convincing arguments for the use of Widopan cold applied waterproofing systems.