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Applications & Processing

Over the last 30 years, liquid waterproofing systems have proven themselves as problem solvers in roof and balcony waterproofing as well as in the waterproofing of other structural components.

In particular, waterproofing systems using unsaturated polyester resins, polyurethanes and methyl methacrylates with fleece, fabric or fibre reinforcements stand out from the majority of liquid systems offered. Thanks to unproblematic handling and various application options, these materials have now been accepted by a large group of processors and decision-makers.

Reactive liquid waterproofing, as produced and supplied by WIDOPAN, have been modified for use as waterproofing and are elastic without the adding any volatile plasticizers. Normally, the system consists of several components, which are produced on-site as a mixture ready for use. In combination with the reinforcement, the waterproofing can be applied to fit precisely on the surface or structural component.

Building projects therefore only begin in autumn and drag on into the winter. Then there bacomes the risk of frost, hindering or at least putting a question mark over the continuation of the project.

A major portion of this work can be carried out on time and to the satisfaction of the client with WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing. This is because another characteristic of the WIDOPAN Waterproofing System is its use across a wide temperature range. The material can be safely processed and cured even at temperatures down to -5° C. Winter building sites can be carried out without extensive and elaborate supplemental measures.

This represents a considerable cost reduction and as a decisive competitive advantage for the contractor and user. Easy handling of the products, the multitude of deployment options and the possibility of performing work even at to -5° C, coupled with outstanding product quality and sophisticated application technology are convincing arguments for waterproofing with liquids based on unsaturated polyester resins, polyurethanes and methyl methacrylates being first choice.