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WIDOPAN-Stone carpet

WIDOPAN-Stone carpet


Before starting the application, we recommend to install angle brackets (8mm for horizontal layers, 6mm for vertical layers) which should be fixed with cartridge adhesive, hot glue or WIDOCRYL-Filler (screed). They serve as vertical boundaries but may also be used as part of the visual design.

The WIDOPAN-stone carpet consists of natural marble gravel and a binding agent which are mixed with an appropriate stirrer in a bucket until all the gravel is covered in binding agent. Then, the mixture is be poured into a second bucket and, again, needs to be stirred thoroughly. Only one bag at a time should be mixed to avoid an overdosing of the binding agent (a scale should be used for small amounts).

The finished mixture is then spread on the surface using a trowel and evened until a smooth surface is achieved. Vertical surfaces need to be primed with the binding agent for vertical layers, the finished mixture is applied whilst the binding agent is still wet. No priming in needed for horizontal surfaces.

To avoid the gravel from sticking to the trowel, it’s recommended to regularly cover the trowel with a smoothening agent e.g. WIDOPAN-STGM. Direct sunlight should be avoided during application of the stone carpet.

Further details, especially regarding hazard statements, security advices and measures in the event of fire can be found in the safety data sheet under sections 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Please also refer to our technical information Sheets for both components.

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