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The start of WIDOPAN 

In 1966, Manfred Brüggemann established a processing company for polyester resin, named “Kunststofftechnik Wingst”. At first, the resins were mainly used for chemical plant construction. Later, this was replenished by processing modified polyester resins. Based on the growing know how relating to the polyester resins, our own waterproofing system based on unsaturated polyester resin was developed in 1976. This system is used for flat roofs, balconies and parking decks. The products are sold under the name WIDOPAN, the foundation for today’s company had been laid.

At first, the processing was carried out by the company itself. Over the years, more and more roofers and skilled workers have been trained to use the products. Since the end of the 1990s, the distribution was carried out mainly through the roofing trade which today is the most essential part of the sales system. Due to the significant awareness of the product name WIDOPAN, the company was re-named to Widopan Produkte GmbH.

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