Welcome at WIDOPAN Products

WIDOPAN manufactures high quality waterproofing sytems for the construction industry

We develop, produce and market system solutions for building-related problems, such as waterproofing flat roofs, balconies and car parks, as well as all connection details.

Our Applications

Flat Roof

Liquid Waterproofing Systems for flat roofs and detail connections. A reliable solution for inverted, cold and warm roof build ups. Installed at temperatures as low as -5°C.


Details and Upstands

Detail, penetrations and roof repairs -quick, reliable, permenant solutions



Solid, reliable surfacing for balconies and terraces whilst maintaining a decorative appearance and standard.


Park Deck

An ideal solution for car parks, ramps, bridges or basement courtyard areas.


Other applications

Fountains, wind turbines, steel structures, industrial kitchens, wet rooms