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Application areas with WIDOPAN

WIDOPAN is a manufacturer of high-quality liquid water proofing systems. We develop, prduce and sell system solutions for structural problems, such as the sealing of flat roofs, balconies, parking decks and details.


With seals made of WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing, you will find the right connection to almost all materials and surfaces.


Waterproofing is indispensible on balconies, terraces and arcades. Problems with low connection heights can be solved.

Flat roof

Liquid waterproofing systems specially designed for application on flat roofs with problematic details.

Expansion joints

Sealings made from WIDOPAN-FD and WIDOCRYL-Detail have proved themselves for many years in waterproof concrete constructions.

Parking deck

Traffic areas such as parking decks, ramps, cellar courtyards or bridge structures liquid waterproofing is the best solution here.

Special applications

fountains, wind turbines, roller coasters, steel structures, large kitchens, wet rooms . . .

Widopan shortly explained

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