WIDOPAN-Polyester Fleece G165 / G225

WIDOPAN-Polyester Fleece G165 / G225

In addition to its excellent technical properties, WIDOPAN-Polyester Fleece stands out by its rapid and complete drenching capacity during use. It may be fitted accurately at upstands and connecting details. Because of the bedded-in polyester mesh, the fleece may be laid with good directional stability. No changes in length occur and cuts may be prepared with precision.

Sizes supplied

Roll length 50 m
G 165 widths in cm: 10/15/20/25/30/35/50/70/105
G 225 widths in cm: 25/30/35/50/105


It is essential that the product is protected from moisture. Unlimited shelf life if stored correctly.

Please also see our technical information sheets!

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