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WIDOPAN laminates have been specially developed for the waterproofing of concrete building styles which have become increasingly common in recent decades.

In this building type the DIN 1045-compliant concrete assumes the waterproofing function against pressure-exerting and non-pressure exerting water as well as being load-bearing.

The field of application for waterproof concrete includes underground garages and flat roofs, cellar walls and floors, swimming baths and water containers. Basins made of waterproof concrete are also called “white tanks”, due to their very light appearance after drying out; bituminous-sealed ones, on the other hand, are “black tanks”.

However, even the very economical waterproof building style, which the Romans used successfully some 2000 years ago, requires additional waterproofing measures as soon as expansion joints (EJ), working joints (WJ) or penetrations in the structural component exist. In addition, improper filling and false or insufficient subsequent treatment can make such measures necessary.

Experience from many years of applying waterproofing according to the WIDOPAN system to waterproof concrete building components has shown that unlike bituminously waterproofed “black tank” concrete, any leaky points due to damage can be accurately located.  While uncovering and retrospective waterproofing can quickly become very expensive and elaborate, the high quality standard of WIDOPAN joint laminates applies without restriction to waterproofing of moveable structural components and complicated connections.  This is unlike other systems which quickly reach their limits and then require considerable repair expense.