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Surface preparation

The surface must be dry, clean, free from grease and dust. Adhesive interfering substances have to be

removed. Absorbent surfaces must be primed with WIDOCRYL-Primer PM and sprinkled with quartz sand before applying the WIDOCRYL-Mortar. This prevents that the resin binder is absorbed by the porous substrate, which could disturb the polymerisation process and it also improves the adhesion.


The powder has to be mixed with the hardening fluid to a homogeneous mortar (mixing ratio: Powder: 900ml, Hardener fluid: 200l) for approx. 2 min. and can then be applied to the surface with a trowel. The minimum layer thickness is 6 mm. If a layer thickness of 25 mm or more is required, a second layer has to be applied.

Should the mixture according to the given amounts seem to be too thin, up to 15% (referring to the total mixture) of PD-Powder can be added.

WIDOCRYL-Mortar is highly inflammable and should be kept away from all ignition and heat sources. The mixing device, as well as all other electronic devices used at the building site, has to be ex-protected.

Further details, especially regarding hazard statements, security advices and measures in the event of fire can be found in the safety data sheet under sections 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

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