With correct priming, WIDOCRYL-WT adheres to almost any surface.

Important note for application of the WIDOCRYL-WT:

The PD-Powder is mixed into the fluid component WIDOCRYL-WT (mixing ratio: PD-Powder 1kg : WIDOCRYL-WT 2kg)

 Please also refer to our technical information sheets.

Technical characteristics (cured state) (Sample tested at +20°C)

Tensile strength:                    5.0 MPa
Elongation:                              330%
Modulus of elasticity:           8.3 MPa
Dynamic crack-bridging:       > 5 mm

Samples kept at –30°C for 24 hours before testing

Tensile strength:                    4.3 MPa
Elongation:                              315%
Modulus of elasticity:           225 MPa
Dynamic crack-bridging:       > 5 mm

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