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There is a foil on the material within the bucket which has to be removed before using the material. Then, the material needs to be stirred thoroughly with a slowly rotating agitator. Then, 2/3 of the waterproofing material is applied onto the prepared surface with a paint roller. Then, the Polyester fleece is embedded into the material and the remaining 1/3 of material is applied onto the fleece using the paint roller.Once the container has been opened, the material should be used up swiftly. Should the material form a thin firm layer, this can easily be removed and the remaining material may be used up.

Additional coatings may be applied within 24 hours without any further preparation. After 24 hours, the surface needs to be roughened before a further layer may be applied.

Alternatively, areas which may need additional coatings, may be sprinkled with quartz sand while first layer is still wet.

Further details, especially regarding hazard statements, security advices and measures in the event of fire can be found in the safety data sheet under sections 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Please also refer to our instructions on priming and to our technical information sheets

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